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2022 Email Marketing 
Benchmark Report


We surveyed over 200 marketing professionals to uncover the state of email marketing and how brands are thriving in today’s turbulent landscape. Read on for our six key findings, and download the report for the full picture!


Email is more prevalent than ever


Email is an increasingly important marketing tool. Of the marketers we spoke to, 71% sent more emails in 2021 than they had the year prior. As their email volume increases, marketers are also optimistic about how they’re performing across 

key metrics like open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates.

Now is the time to stand out.



Building emails is still challenging for many


Today’s customers expect the world from their brands — and that includes personalised, engaging, and responsive emails. Meeting these expectations can be a challenge. Other challenges our marketers face? Implementing new design (45%), prioritising strategic operations (40%), speed to market (34%), and approval processes (32%). 



Marketing teams are becoming even more decentralised


More and more, marketing teams are shifting away from a centralised model. In fact, 34% of our respondents indicated that their team became more decentralised in the last year — and this impacts email and landing page creation. As our teams become more distributed, they need tools that help drive consistency and collaboration.


Marketers are democratising creativity


Alongside decentralisation, there’s also a shift happening where marketers are empowering more people to be creative. Within email marketing specifically, 51% of marketing teams design their emails themselves. However, as teams are strapped for resources, they’re relying on tools to help them stay creative and collaborative.




The speed to market keeps accelerating


Despite their many obstacles, marketing teams are finding ways to accelerate the timeline between ideation and execution. Today, 55% of marketers get their emails out to market in minutes or hours, and 39% say the same about their landing page process. While this is great, there’s still room for improvement, particularly in the back and forth of approval processes.


Landing pages are on the rise — but there’s more marketers can do


Marketers built an average 20 landing pages last year, and for 50% of them, that’s more than they did in 2020. However, despite their growing popularity, there’s still 69% of marketers who rarely create landing pages for their email campaigns, and 23% that rely on their web team to build them. As such, there’s room for marketing teams to take more ownership of their landing pages and create seamless marketing experiences.


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